Leadership in experimental & digital humanities research infrastructure & community-building.

Designing & building just and joyful research communities at the intersections of technology, information, & culture.

  • Radically collaborative spaces of academic & public reading & learning
  • Book-adjacent web design/development, data & makerspace creativity
  • Feminist & queer textual scholarship & human-computer interaction
  • Humanities for creative, ethical tech; tech for deeper cultural scholarship

Ongoing roles:

Directing the internationally recognized Scholars’ Lab digital research center

Officer, Association for Computers & the Humanities (our U.S.-based, international-membership DH scholarly org)

Digital Humanities Slack founder & manager (9 years, 3k+ members!)

Recent work (Summer 2024):

Co-author, mini-conference at the annual international DH2024 conference

Author, Bluesky for Academics guide

4 peer-reviewed articles in progress (2 just published, 1 accepted, 1 submitted)